, deployed on Canadian cable operator Videotron’s "illico" digital cable network on April 26, 2006, is the first-to-market "Television Hyperlinking Advertising" model. It leverages the video on demand (VOD) infrastructure of digital cable, allowing viewsers (viewer-users) to link from thirty second commercials seen on a broadcast network directly to long form Television ads, on demand.

Television hyperlinking, sometimes known as Telescoping, has emerged as a key pillar in the future of ad-supported television. identified this opportunity early on and began working in 2001 to bring this business model to market.’s landmark Quebec deployment not only proved end to end technical capability and consumer behavior, it also most importantly incorporated a business model which allowed all of the players in the TV advertising food chain to share in its success; MSO, broadcaster, rep house and advertising agency. effectively addressed the major challenges facing advertisers in the evolving digital Television landscape by enabling them to engage interested, self-selected prospects with compelling long form ads linked directly from their legacy 30-second commercial, on an advertiser pay-per-view basis.

The "ads on demand network" is an end to end advertising management system which has been conceived by seasoned media professionals to satisfy advertiser desire for more precise accountability and more engaging advertising delivery systems. It offers the ability to precisely count each viewing of an advertisers' linear (live) TV campaign, as well as each long format ad, watched by self-selected consumers. brings more deeply engaging conversations to prospects opting-in to long form television messages.

It works like this:

Click here to see a video demonstration of in French with English subtitles

The solution also allows the flexibility for interested consumers to "bookmark" the long form ad (LFA), to view it later at a time which is more convenient to their schedule. This feature resonates with consumers’ growing desire to control their consumption of TV content.

Here's how that works:

A prestigious group of major advertisers leverage the advertising on demand service including General Motors, Ford Motors of Canada, Unilever, Procter and Gamble, SONY Pictures, Molson Canada, The National Bank of Canada, Dyson, New Brunswick Tourism Bureau and Videotron among others.

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